Skyrocket recruitment and talent development

The Skillaz eco-system comprehensively automates any HR processes

Skyrocket recruitment and talent development

The Skillaz eco-system comprehensively automates any HR processes
Skillaz is about HR and the user
We constantly think about the users, their needs and their user experience. The main business metrics of our clients mainly depend on how long and productive they work in Skillaz.
Andrey Krylov
CEO Skillaz

Why choose Skillaz?

  • 6 000 000
    Applicants processed per year
  • 350 000
    Annually closed vacancies
  • 310 000
    Satisfied users
  • Skyrocket your recruitment
    With one click, publish vacancies in all countries of presence at once, fill the recruiting funnel with relevant candidate applications and automate work with them using RPA technologies.
  • Adapt HR business processes flexibly and quickly
    Use the live Skillaz platform with ready-made solutions for flexible customization of HR processes and working integrations with other HR solutions. For customized improvements, involve our team or use your own for independent development.
  • Use unified workspace
    Users won't notice how they silently switch between modules and other heart rate solutions. You no longer need to remember different logins and passwords and waste time and nerves.
  • Get end-to-end analytics
    Make prompt and informed decisions based on detailed analytics for all HR processes. Connect additional modules and collect more data.

Solutions to digitalize your HR processes

AI (artificial intelligence) and RPA (robotic processes) based solutions are at your disposal for wholly or partially automating your HR processes.
Applicant Tracking System
Hire 40% faster and 38% cheaper with RPA algorithms.
Save up to 30% of your recruitment budget.
Media planning
Temporary staff
Reduce up to 25% of the time spent working with temporary staff and contractors.
Up to 50% increase employee business efficiency and reduce rookie turnover by 25%.
Goals and performance
Increase employee productivity and close up to 90% of tasks in the company.
Adaptation and development
Reduce up to 40% of the cost of organizing training.
Evaluate and create employee development plans and close up to 95% of vacancies from the talent pool.
Stay up to date, respond to changes promptly and save 5-15% of the time for organizing surveys.
Data base
Handle up to 90% of employee requests with an automated solution powered by AI and RPA.
Get predictive analytics on the structure and reduce turnover by up to 5%.
Electronic Personnel Document Management
Convert HR document flow to electronic form and save up to 20% of the time for document exchange.
Outsource all or part of the candidate search routine to Skillaz experts.
Use the rich experience of Skillaz specialists to build and automate HR processes.

How does Skillaz affect vital business metrics?

Reduce lost profit by 1,5 million USD

Reduce time closure of vacancies from 7 till 1 day.

Bank recruitment was transferred to remote work for 1 day.

Reduce the cost of hiring by 660 000 USD

Increased the hire of administrative employees from the personnel reserve from 82% to 92%.
Reduce the cost of hiring by 500 000 USD

Increased the number of closed vacancies for one recruiter from 18 to 25 per month.

Skillaz is trusted

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