HCM system for HR processes automation

The new age platform with flexible implementation, ability to build optimize processes, collect data and reach high HR metrics performance

Skillaz HR ecosystem consists of several modules

Implement all at once or only selectively. Connect all modules for deeper and more effective automation of HR processes and more data analytics.
  • Applicant Tracking System
    Hire 40% faster and 38% cheaper with RPA algorithms.
  • Media planning
    Save up to 30% of your recruitment budget.
  • Temporary staff
    Reduce up to 25% of the time spent working with temporary staff and contractors.
  • Adaptation
    Up to 50% increase employee business efficiency and reduce rookie turnover by 25%.
  • Education
    Reduce up to 40% of the cost of organizing training.
  • Career
    Evaluate and create employee development plans and close up to 95% of vacancies from the talent pool.
  • Goals and performance
    Increase employee productivity and close up to 90% of tasks in the company.
  • Feedback
    Stay up to date, respond to changes promptly and save 5-15% of the time for organizing surveys.
  • Data base
    Handle up to 90% of employee requests with an automated solution powered by AI and RPA.
  • Offboarding
    Get predictive analytics on the structure and reduce turnover by up to 5%.
  • Electronic Personnel Document Management
    Convert HR document flow to electronic form and save up to 20% of the time for document exchange.

What indicators can be strengthened by Skillaz HCM?

  • by 40%
    Accelerate and reduce the cost of recruitment by automating routine operations.
  • up to 30%
    Boost an employee’s achievement of maximum productivity through well-thought-out onboarding.
  • up to 40%
    Reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of training through deeper employee involvement.
  • up to 15%
    Increase NPS by managing performance and feedback from hiring to firing.
  • 1,5 million USD
    Skillaz saved on lost profits in the bank.
    • from 3 to 1 day, reducing the time for closing a vacancy
    • Transferred bank recruiting to remote work in 1 day.
  • 660 000 USD
    Cut costs by reducing the cost of hiring in retail.
    • Increased the share of internal recruitment of administrative staff from 82% to 92%.
  • 500 000 USD
    Skillaz reduced the cost of hiring in retail.
    • The number of closed vacancies increased per recruiter from 18 to 25 per month.

Tools for self-development

Use the tools we have created for your self-improvement of the platform.
  • Get the opportunity to implement the necessary developments on your own quickly.
  • Connect developers to the Skillaz IT community to share experiences and features.

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