Optimize your recruitment budget using the Skillaz.Mediaplanning module

Promote vacancies for less without reducing candidate quality!

Optimize your recruitment budget using the Skillaz.Mediaplanning module

Promote vacancies for less without reducing candidate quality!

When is the Skillaz.Mediaplanning module at its most effective?

  • When you need aggregated information about actual hiring demand, taking into account your payroll budget and other resources

  • When you need to plan your budget and platforms for posting vacancies, and manage expenses, all in one place

  • When you want to get end-to-end analytics from first contact to starting work, including the cost of response and hiring, conversion, and get an evaluation of each source's efficiency based on these metrics

  • You don't have enough external labor market analytics to form an accurate forecast for your sources

Skillaz.Mediaplanning does everything for you

Aggregate data about hiring demand

  • Calculating demand for open applications and vacancies.
  • Planning actual demand taking payroll budget and turnover into account.

Analyze the cost of sources from response to registration

  • Expense history by source.
  • Calculating the cost of new and registered candidates.

Create media plans

  • End-to-end pipeline analytics using historical data.
  • Additional data for analytics from external market analysis.
  • Recommendations about which sources to choose.
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Tracking and budgeting
  • Recruitment dynamic tracking in real time.
  • Forecasting recruitment plan fulfillment.
  • Budget distribution history.
  • Monitoring the remaining budget.
  • Setting up quotes.
  • Checking appeal of descriptions in posts.
  • Autoposting on job sites.
  • Gathering analytics from posts.
  • Exporting data via API to PG, BI, or xslx report.
  • Presentation in dashboard form.
Тарифы на модуль Skillaz Медиапланирование
Standard Rate
  • Labor market cross-section analytics based on external data

    This will help strengthen your professional recruitment and supplement analysis for mass recruitment, including labor market indicators by specialization, city, salary, vacancy, etc.

  • Recommendations for improving candidate search

    We'll highlight the stages of a recruitment pipeline experiencing a negative dynamic.
Expert rate
  • All Standard rate options
    Expert functions include analysis of a cross-section of the labor market, and recommendations for improving your search for candidates.
  • End-to-end analytics
    Help figure out the efficiency of sources for attracting applications
  • Forecast
    Pipelines and budget for attracting candidates, taking into account actual hiring demand.
  • Autodistribution

    Of actual hiring demand among efficient sources

  • Data aggregation

    Migrating analytical data from other systems

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