Skyrocket your mass and professional recruitment

Skillaz.ATS - applicant tracking system for recruitment automating

Choose your staff 40% faster!
Recruit 38% cheaper!
Fill twice as many vacancies over the same time!
  • 6 000 000

    Applicants processed annually

  • 350 000

    Vacancies per year are successfully filled through the system

  • 310 000

    Is a constantly growing number of satisfied users

Recruitment management is easier with Skillaz!

  • 40%

    faster recruitment is provided by automatically publishing vacancies, auto-searching for candidates, transferring the routine to algorithms and bots.

  • 50%

    is the decrease in the average time needed to fill a vacancy by increasing the conversion rate in the recruitment funnel, all departments working in parallel, and automating all steps.

  • 38%

    is the decrease in recruitment costs through 100 % processing of all candidate responses, embedded smart pre-screening systems and reduced labour costs for managers.

When is the Skillaz ATS most efficient?

  • Regular mass or professional recruitment
  • Many manual routine operations
  • Many sources of candidate engagement
  • A long non-transparent candidate approval process; one needs to automate offer approval
  • High recruiter workload
  • Manual application form completion by candidates
  • The recruitment process needs to be standardised across the company
  • Long candidate screening

Recruitment automation at every stage

Skillaz ATS allows you to automate even the most complex recruitment processes and implement any customisation to your needs.

Recruitment management system

  • Candidate showroom
  • Vacancies and multi-vacancies
  • Maintaining the company's organisational structure
  • Staff schedule management
  • Meeting time slots
  • Geo-matching and geo-maps
  • Security check
  • Task scheduler
  • Database reactivation and full text search
  • Candidate profile management by company position

Recruitment automation

  • Integration with job websites
  • Automated job postings
  • Instant feedback collection
  • Response screening by key metrics
  • Response deduplication
  • Publication templates
  • Searches in cold candidate databases


  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Automatic notification
  • Chat bots
  • All channels (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
  • Conferences & video interviews
  • SMS and email communication

Recruitment analysis

  • Complex analytics
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Operational reports
  • Excel file export


  • Video interviews
  • Audio interviews
  • Testing
  • Software skills assessment
  • Integration with assessment systems
  • Assessment scenario management

Original development tools

Use the tools we created for your own platform upgrades.
  • Gain the capability to perform necessary upgrades quickly on your own.
  • Connect developers to the Skillaz IT community to share insights and new features.
  • Optimise your taxes by accounting for capital expenditures.

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