Automatic hiring
at Rosatom

How Rosatom digitized recruitment with Skillaz
Rosatom’s goals
  • Automate the hiring process.
  • Reduce hiring time.
  • Reduce hiring costs.
Skillaz’s tasks
  • Install the solution in the company.
  • Develop a flexible pipeline for various types of vacancy.
  • Automate the selection process, ensure a secure and digital route for the candidate with the help of Skillaz’s integration with Rosatom’s internal systems.
  • Ensure vacancies are published automatically on the Rosatom career portal
  • Migrate data from the current Skillaz solutions without losing or distorting data.
How does the digital hiring process look?
Collecting applications for hiring and posting vacancies

All verified applications automatically go into Skillaz from Rosatom’s internal systems. Vacancies are automatically posted on the career portal and, where necessary, on other job boards.

Collecting responses

Responses from all sources, including the referral program, go into Skillaz. The recruiter can also access a database of all candidates that have ever been in the Rosatom hiring process.

Automated hiring process

The recruiter leads the candidate through a flexible recruitment pipeline, going through / bypassing stages where necessary. Pre-planned trigger actions are triggered when a candidate hits certain stages. After collecting documents and registering the new employee, information is transferred into Rosatom’s internal system.

Security and analytics

Skillaz is installed in the client’s company with all security requirements considered. The system gathers all the required data, and is able to pass it to the Business Intelligence visualization system to generate dashboards.

Skillaz Team

Rosatom Team

What do the project participants say?

  • Yuriy Farafonov

    Rosatom Project Manager

    This is a product for creating a single platform for posting vacancies and searching for candidates. It’s allowed us to ensure a connection between internal and external systems, and now vacancies are posted automatically. This is convenient both for candidates, who can see up-to-date offers, and for the employer, who can get information about interested candidates quickly.

  • Andrey Krylov

    CEO and Founder of Skillaz

    Our goal was to create a unified system for the whole range of Rosatom enterprises, and to build a universal process with integrations with internal systems and the portal. Despite the difficulties encountered due to the features of the business that the company group carries out, we were able to develop and implement the system, and then look forward to seeing the initial results.

About Rosatom

The State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom is a multidisciplinary holding that combines assets in energy, mechanical engineering, and construction. Its strategy is to develop low-carbon energy generation, including through the use of wind power. The Rosatom State Corporation is a national leader in producing electricity (around 20% of all production) and is the global leader in terms of its portfolio of orders for the construction of nuclear power plants; 33 power units in 10 countries are at various stages of implementation.

Rosatom is the only company in the world whose scope includes all stages of the technological chain of the nuclear fuel cycle, from extracting natural uranium to the final stage of the life cycle of nuclear facilities. The state corporation brings together over 350 enterprises and organizations, with over 330,000 employees. Since October 2020, Rosatom State Corporation has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the largest international initiative of the United Nations for business in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

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