HR tech is here to help with education systems

Skillaz and the Higher School of Economics (HSE) have launched an automatic process for collecting documents from applicants

HR tech is here to help with education systems

Skillaz and the Higher School of Economics (HSE) have launched an automatic process for collecting documents from applicants

Modernize and automate the process of processing applications for the Master’s program “Managing people: digital technologies and organizational development”


Launch a candidate selection pipeline suited to the institution’s needs to save time and human resources


  • 1
    Selection pipeline

    Skillaz helps include applicants in the automated chain of steps and quickly collect the required information and documents after a certain stage.

  • 2
    Auto notifications

    The candidate will receive messages with links to upload the required information at each step.
  • 3
    Sorting and storage

    All information is gathered on the platform, where an HSE employee can familiarize themselves with it at any point.

  • 4
    Improved candidate path

    The candidate path is more friendly and modern.
  • 5
    Convenience for managers

    The recruitment process is now more transparent and convenient for managers.

  • 6
    Candidate engagement

    Future HR specialists will have the ability to get to know the HR solution while still applying to study.
What do the project participants say?

  • Andrey Shcherbukha

    Skillaz Project Manager

    As practice shows, automating the personnel selection pipeline ensures that corporations can cope perfectly with the increase in recruitment speed and financial indicators, while also reducing costs. Therefore working with a fundamental education system was an excellent opportunity to test the effectiveness of our recruitment product on another “market”. As part of our partnership, we were able to create a convenient, bespoke solution, which met everybody’s needs.

  • Maria Nikolaevna Rykina

    Senior Lecturer at the Higher School of Business

    Interacting with HR technology providers allowed our institution to create up-to-date programs for our students and demonstrate the latest innovations in the industry. When organizing the studying process. It’s important to integrate not just the theoretical and research part, but also the practical part, so that after graduation, the student has a full-fledged image of the HR industry. This is exactly what we’ve achieved by working with Skillaz.

About the Higher School of Economics

The Higher School of Economics is one of the leading universities in the country, where a large proportion of high achievers go after finishing school. There are 92 Bachelor’s programs at the HSE, in 39 different areas of study, including mathematics, management, IT, philology, chemistry, physics, psychology, geography, design, media, communications, and others. At Master’s level, there are 176 programs in 37 areas. The HSE has 4 campuses, one in Moscow, one in St Petersburg, one in Nizhniy Novgorod, and one in Perm. Each one of them has the same standards of education, equally high levels of training, equal opportunities for students, and common services.

The Master's program "Managing people: digital technologies and organizational development " is aimed at training HR specialists and expert analysts with broad skills in the field of digital HR and organizational development, and giving them the skills to build human resources management processes in the context of digital transformation, and solve applied tasks in the field of human resources management.

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