How Perekrestok delegated mass recruitment to Skillaz

Thanks to Skillaz Outsourcing, the recruitment staff at the Eurasia's largest retailer Perekrestok were able to focus on strategy and delegate routine mass recruitment processes

How Perekrestok delegated mass recruitment to Skillaz

Thanks to Skillaz Outsourcing, the recruitment staff at the Eurasia's largest retailer Perekrestok were able to focus on strategy and delegate routine mass recruitment processes

Perekrestok's Objective

Meet the mass recruitment demand better every month by outsourcing all routine processes

Skillaz solution

To make the mass recruitment process as digitalized and user-friendly as possible both for the customer and for the candidate

  • Implementing Skillaz Applicant Tracking System
    Automating the entire recruitment process, from receiving applications, posting job openings, and collecting all responses in one place, to automated notifications to all parties involved, moving candidates to the right stage, and onboarding.
  • Implementing end-to-end analytics and media planning
    Creating end-to-end analytics to gather all relevant statistics about how applicant response traffic is generated and how it is converted into candidates filling vacancies.
    These analytics allow you to reduce advertising budgets without compromising candidate response quality by quickly drawing conclusions and identifying the most effective sources for scaling them.
  • Implementing a convenient candidate recruitment path
    The candidate receives a call from the contact center 15 minutes after the response, where they are pre-validated and invited to a meeting with the shop manager.
    This is made possible through an effective candidate call model, continuously improved scripts, calls to candidates who've been eliminated before the interview or onboarding, and after medical check-ups.

Performance over 2 years

  • 690 000 candidates
    passed through Skillaz Outsourcing
  • 35 000 employees
  • 22%
    reduction in hiring time
  • 12%
    average reduction in hiring cost
  • 7%
    increase in the average conversion rate of candidates from response to the interview phase
What does the recruitment process for Perekrestok look like?

Regional managers and directors communicate their staff needs via SAP
They agree on a media plan and a budget for job postings by Skillaz experts
They interview the selected candidates and start the onboarding process in one click
What does the candidate path look like?

A candidate applies for a job via a job or career website, or any other source
They get a call from the contact center within 15 minutes, have a short interview on the phone, learn about the vacancy and the company, and are invited for an in-person interview according to the shop manager schedule
If the interview is successful, the onboarding process begins
We create a job description, a media plan and a budget by selecting the most efficient sources, all based on the recruitment needs
We post job openings automatically with the help of Skillaz Applicant Tracking System and get all candidate feedback in the system
We process all responses by our own call center within 15 minutes. If the candidate doesn't answer the phone, we try to reach them 3 times during the day
We conduct initial candidate assessment and validation, deal with possible objections, answer any questions and schedule an interview at a priority shop according to the director's available slots
What does the Skillaz team do?
If the candidate doesn't show up for an interview or onboarding, we call them, find out the reason, and arrange the next step
We collect end-to-end analytics, identify bottlenecks, meet regularly with the customer, discuss the performance and give tips on improvement
What do the project participants say?
  • Alena Tumaykina
    Head of the Mass Recruitment Division of the HR Department at the federal retail chain, Perekrestok
    It's very important with a project like this to build healthy, honest partnerships. As soon as we were able to do that, our operational results immediately improved several fold. And they are continuously improving. Many thanks to our project managers for that. Another important aspect is not to be afraid to make changes to the existing system, to connect additional sources, and to launch new approaches. The Skillaz platform allows you to make changes quickly, which is very valuable for fast-changing processes like recruitment.
  • Olga Izvekova
    Head of Operations at Skillaz
    Count everything you can. Don't just focus on general and average figures, look at each source and compare them. End-to-end analytics will help you understand what should be placed and how it should be done in different cities and on various websites, thereby reducing your budget without losing traffic quality and filling your vacancies quickly.

About Perekrestok

The Eurasia's largest retailer Russian supermarket chain Perekrestok was launched in Moscow in 1994. As of the end of 2022, the Perekrestok chain, part of X5 Retail Group, has 1,070 supermarkets located in more than 130 Russian cities.

The retail chain is actively developing environmental and social programs, and increasing its level of service and feedback by studying worldwide best practices in order to be a business that acts responsibly for the future of society and the planet.

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What is Skillaz Outsourcing?

  • 5+
    Years of expertise in recruitment outsourcing
  • 50+
    Employees in the company's own call center
  • 2000+
    Vacancies filled per month

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