Pyaterochka is automating mass recruitment with Skillaz
Pyaterochka has implemented a smart Skillaz system for mass recruitment.
Pyaterochka has implemented a smart Skillaz system for mass recruitment.
The solution improves recruitment speed and controllability, helps the company avoid losing candidates, and increases communication speed. The initial results of nationwide implementation are impressive:
  • 1,5 times
    less time was needed for recruitment
  • 34%
    of candidates are hired on the day they apply
  • 3-4 days
    is the average time to fill a vacancy
  • 100%
    of candidates are processed instantly

Skillaz is a smart full cycle recruitment automation system with smart task scheduler technology for recruitment call centers. With it, recruitment operators can work with maximum efficiency and handle 100% of the candidate flow. In addition, the system is used by Pyaterochka shop directors who hire locally.

Thanks to a comprehensive redesign of recruitment processes based on Skillaz, candidate selection and approval procedures now take just about 15 minutes.

It's one of our strongest case studies. We love it because it's a great way to show off our amazing team engagement and the cool technical solutions that made the project such a success!

Now, the solution automates the recruitment of cashiers, bakers, order pickers, supervisors, shop directors and deputy directors and, in the near future, Pyaterochka's logistics unit will also be recruited through Skillaz.

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