Renaissance Bank has brought
the personnel recruitment process
to a new level

Using Skillaz, the Renaissance Bank team was able to optimize recruitment business processes and accelerate interaction with related teams: security service and HR administration.

Renaissance Bank has brought
the personnel recruitment process
to a new level

Using Skillaz, the Renaissance Bank team was able to optimize recruitment business processes and accelerate interaction with related teams: security service and HR administration.

Goals and Tasks

Automate mass and professional recruitment processes:

  • Optimize, unify and combine all business processes into a single system.
  • Automate processes of creating and approving requests to search, evaluating and approving an offer, checking SS, onboarding.
  • Ensure convenient communication with candidates in familiar messengers.


  • Optimize current business processes
    Make a pre-project study, propose the most optimal business processes distributed by roles and automate them.
  • Automate and accelerate the security check process
    Make the security check questionnaire electronic, fill it with hints and instructions convenient for candidates.
  • Automate the data collection process for HR
    Optimize the candidate questionnaire for HR, supplement it with pre-completed and editable information obtained from candidates at earlier stages.
  • Automate the process of offer approval and application search
    Switch the full offer approval cycle with process participants and candidates to Skillaz. Adjust the offer to the necessary design: font, color, etc.
  • Ensure convenient communication with candidates in familiar messengers
    Develop a solution allowing recruiters to use the Skillaz button to communicate with candidates in WhatsApp and Telegram. Contact candidates through a bot on all paths, from response to adaptation.
  • Carry out integrations
    Carry out two-way integrations with the data master system, HR Messenger chat bot, job boards, etc.

Results in 6 months

  • 700 000
    candidates processed in Skillaz. 590,000 of them from the retro base
  • 5,088
    satisfied users are working in the system
  • 100%
    business managers use the system in mass recruitment
  • by 20%
    hiring cost was reduced on average
  • by 39%
    application closure period was reduced in mass positions
  • by 53%
    recruiter productivity was improved (for number of closed vacancies for 1 recruiter per month)
  • Convenience
    Recruiters, supervisors, and security check specialists conduct the recruitment process in a single window, receive relevant notifications about tasks that are automatically prioritized, and are also accompanied by the requisite instructions describing the step-by-step actions.
  • Acceleration
    Through integrations and automatic actions adjusted by trigger events, the personnel recruitment process became 39% faster.
  • Strengthening the HR brand
    Convenient job placement process for candidates. Unified communication format with candidates by assigned brand templates. Comfortable training for employees.

What functions allowed Renaissance Bank to raise the recruitment process to a new level?

  • Change in the candidate search process
    The search for new employees was previously done manually. HR managers themselves searched for resumes on various websites, set up interviews and contacted the final candidate by mail. Now, using HR Messenger chat bots and integration with Avito Work and HeadHunter, as well as adjusting the automatic searches and automatic addition of suitable candidates to the database, the recruitment team screens the candidates, processes missed calls and contacts those who did not get to the interview for various job openings.
  • Automatic job offer
    The offer approval process, including involvement from multiple participants, has been transferred to Skillaz. The complex offer format was digitized while preserving the corporate fonts, colors and logo. This template was transferred to the Skillaz system that automatically generates data about the candidate, forms a pre-completed offer, sends it for agreement to all interested parties, as well as the candidate in the form of a branded landing page.
  • Automation of security check
    Candidates filled out extensive paper questionnaires with personal signatures for security and HR department checks, and assembled a document package. At this stage, many people were weeded out since:

    • Detailed filling out of the questionnaire (periods of unemployment, employer contacts, credit history and debt, etc) took a lot of time.
    • Standardized unclear questions misled the candidate. They did not understand what had to be filled in.

    Candidates now fill out the main part of the security questionnaire electronically (currently, functionality is being implemented to eliminate the need for candidates' handwritten signatures). For each question, hints were added for the candidates about the requisite form for filling out, which document to download, etc.
  • Data collection for HR service
    The HR department had a lot of manual work in the form of filling out Excel tables, extracting the requisite data when processing documents.

    Now, the data is automatically transferred to the form for the HR department: part of it consists of candidate resume data, while the other part comprises information from the security questionnaire. Such a digital pre-completed questionnaire removes the load from the future employee who now does not need to fill in the data again, and also gives the HR manager more time.
  • My tasks with instructions
    Basic training was conducted on the system for users and the task tracker was also customized. Its standard functionality is to help track the candidates’ path at different stages, but not explain how to work in the system. It is fairly complicated to write the instructions for each role, there are many nuances that are not memorized immediately.

    In order for the user not to have to look through lengthy techniques for each question, the task tracker was made similar to “live” instructions. At each stage the candidate goes through, the recruiters receive a task with a step-by-step description of what needs to be done so that they learn the system gradually. Each role has its own instructions without surplus information blocks.
  • Automatic creation of job openings
    Using Skillaz, the users accelerated working with published job openings. Two pipelines were created: for professional and mass recruitment.

    Now, the user at the application status “Sent to work” has the opportunity to correlate the application with the existing job opening or create a new one. Also, if it is necessary to create a new job opening, the user checks the check box “Create a new job opening?” and when the application moves to the status “Employed”, a new job opening is formed automatically with inheritance of the following fields:

    ● Job opening title.
    ● Profile.
    ● Pipeline.
    ● City.
    ● Hidden search.

    Additionally, a feedback form for the candidate is used. When a candidate is sent for an interview, the feedback form is opened for assigned parameters, where all the evaluation participants can leave their comments and final decision. This allows the recruiter to save information in one place and use it if they decided to return to the candidate later.
What do the project participants say?
  • Andrey Shcherbukha
    Skillaz project manager
    The Skillaz project is not simply another system, but a full-fledged immersion into HR processes in the company. The Skillaz and Renaissance Bank teams are moving gradually on each process. We have gone from digitizing the recruitment and paper questionnaire pipelines to studying the user path of hiring managers and constructing unique reporting.

    It is important that our goal is not only to digitize outdated processes, but also to add to the unified system new features that improve efficiency, messengers, chat bots and automatic offers. Project activities always involve resource constraints and tight deadlines, and in the banking sector, there are also heightened requirements for information security. Under these conditions, it is especially important to work with colleagues in a collaborative approach and complete the introduction process successfully.
  • Irina Rakhmailova
    Head of the HR recruitment and adaptation administration
    Under conditions of a harsh, competitive labor market and constantly changing conditions, our priority was not only to automate the processes and improve the efficiency indicators, but also to build a state-of-the-art and convenient process for all the participants. It was important for us to improve the candidates’ experience, and also to make recruitment transparent for all the participants internally, primarily for the business.

    A feature of our project was the parallel transformation of internal processes, including change in the team structure and roles. While implementing the project, we adjusted the master system, tried to think through future integrations, optimized outdated stages that did not currently have significant value.
    The advantage of our approach is that we adjusted the system for the specific needs of our business, which is not always simple in the market of ATS systems.

    However, when you introduce a not off-the-shelf solution, it is impossible to foresee all nuances by 100%. During the implementation process, we had to adapt and correct previously developed requirements, essentially on the fly. We thank the Skillaz team for their patience, flexibility and collaborative approach.

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