Samolet Group implemented Skillaz in just a 1,5 month

Samolet Group implemented Skillaz in just a 1,5 month

To replace an ATS with another solution within a month and a half seamlessly for Samolet Group's staff
  • Accumulated history. The existing software took 6 months to implement and was used for 2 years.

  • Changes to the terms of reference. When a project begins, it's not always clear what the final process should look like.

  • Complex processes, configuration, role model and hierarchy.

  • A very tight deadline.
Challenges with the project
  • Integrating the ATS into a complex HR automation eco-system.

  • Developing and strengthening the HR brand.

  • Creating simple, user-friendly services for all participants.

  • Taking HR processes to a new level.
Samolet Group guidelines
To launch an MVP, a minimum viable product, should meet critical recruitment needs so that recruitment at Samolet Group continues and has to be done manually within a month and a half.


  • 1
    Over a period of a month and a half, a solution replacing the vital functions of current software was implemented and launched seamlessly.
  • 2
    Seamless transition
    Recruiters continued to work with all Skillaz candidates without losing any data.
  • 3
    Fail-safe operation
    The solution was implemented in time, helping Samolet Group to continue automated recruitment without disruption.
  • 4
    Improved candidate path
    The candidate path is now more modern and friendly.
  • 5
    Convenience for managers
    The recruitment process is now more transparent and convenient for managers.
  • 6
    Candidate engagement
    Candidates are now more engaged at the recruitment stage thanks to automated offer negotiation.
  • 100 000
    Candidates from the old database were migrated to Skillaz
  • ~5000
    User accounts were created
  • ~2500
    Applications were created by hiring managers
  • ~1000
    Employees were hired since the launch
It's a myth that implementing such a solution requires a large development team and significant financial and time resources. A team is needed, of course. However, it's better to have a small, highly professional team, as we had in our case study.
Project Manager
Business Analyst
System Analyst
Back End Developer
Skillaz Team
Product Owner
Business Methodologist
System Architect
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Samolet Group Team

Project development plans

  • Integrate Skillaz into the Samolet Group ecosystem
    Completely preserve the functionality implemented in previously introduced software.
  • Expand the means of communication
    Integrate messengers and IP telephony.
  • Branding
    Add more branding options.
  • End-to-end analytics
    Automate data collection for broad and functional end-to-end analytics.
What do the project participants say?
  • Elena Kulagina
    Head of Employee Services Department, Samolet Group
    We initially understood that the project in its ideal form cannot be implemented 100%, and we were actually ready for recruitment to be needed to be done manually, but that didn't happen. Thanks to our coordinated cooperation with our colleagues, we made a seamless transition to Skillaz. Now, we have ambitious plans for development and upgrades.
  • Andrey Sinyakin
    Skillaz Project Office Manager
    We're very pleased to have had the experience of implementing a project that would normally have taken at least 6 months in 7 weeks. The training and professionalism of the Samolet Group team was the key to our success.
About Samolet Group

Samolet Group is one of the largest Russian real estate companies. Over the ten years we've been operating, we've become Europe's second most prominent real estate company. We're more than just real estate developers; we're becoming a technological ecosystem that unites various companies and areas to create integrated customer service.

We have a mission: we call ourselves a time back company. We do everything to save our clients and employees' time so that they can spend it on what matters to them.

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