X5 Delivery uses Skillaz to scale courier recruitment

X5 Delivery uses Skillaz to scale courier recruitment

Goals and objectives

Scale the pilot project for courier recruitment by:

  • automating recruitment processes and eliminating manual labor
  • reducing the courier's recruitment path and the time they spend in the pipeline, thereby speeding up their first shift;
  • providing seamless path for the courier from response to training and receipt of shift schedule after onboarding;
  • building a single recruitment process on a single platform without switching between 4 systems.
  • Implement and integrate an ATS / CRM system with the entire recruiter infrastructure
    Move the recruitment process from 4 different resources into a single ATS / CRM recruiting system from Skillaz. Integrate landing pages, job websites, internal verification system, courier's mobile application, telephony, and messengers.
    Set up automatic collection of analytics through a BI system.
  • Accelerate the candidate's movement through the pipeline
    By integrating with all possible sources (job websites, landing pages, etc.) to receive all responses in a single pipeline in Skillaz.
    Automate the transition of the courier from stage to stage through trigger actions, as well as interview, next step, and assignment reminders.
  • Implement a convenient recruitment path for the courier
    Eliminate the need for the courier to enter their information and answer the same questions multiple times by integrating the ATS with the courier's mobile app. Once onboarding is successfully completed, all of the courier's information will be transferred to the app, where they can manage their shift schedule.
  • 5 times faster
    The time the courier is in the recruitment pipeline is reduced from 7 days to 1-2 days.
  • 6 times more
    With 6 times the recruitment volume, the recruitment staff remained unchanged.
  • 4 months
    The time needed to implement Skillaz, integrate it with all systems and services, and set up HR processes.

What makes the project special?

Job boards
Responses from all sources are automatically collected in Skillaz.
The recruiter no longer needs to waste any time looking for, collecting and transferring them.
Call center
With flexibly configured roles, the call center staff only receives necessary information about applications and verifies them by calling directly from Skillaz.
Internal validation
When an application gets to a particular stage, the internal validation staff will receive a notification in the form of a task. Then the validation results will be displayed in Skillaz.
With telephony integration, all calls are made from Skillaz.
History is saved, and the recruiter can always revisit call details.
Recruiters communicate with couriers directly in the system. History is saved and always available.
Courier mobile app
Thanks to integration with the mobile app, couriers seamlessly go through all the recruitment steps and training, and are ready to go on their shift straight away.
In 10 months
  • 60 000
    Couriers passed through the pipeline
  • 5500
    Jobseekers are now couriers
  • 7
    Recruiters take care of the recruitment process

Extra performance

  • 1
    Convenience for recruiters and other users
    An intuitive interface, a transparent process and a flexible role assignment system make the Skillaz platform user-friendly for everybody.
  • 2
    Improved courier recruitment path
    The courier path has become as fast, convenient, efficient and transparent as possible.
  • 3
    Up-to-date analytics
    Analytics based on the Skillaz database allows managers to identify bottlenecks in processes, react quickly to changes in the labor market, and evaluate the efficiency of various tools, recruiting sources and recruiter performance.
What do the project participants say?
  • Irina Slukina
    Head of Recruitment and Mass HR Development Department at X5 Digital
    Before Skillaz was implemented, all courier processing was done manually, often by using Excel sheets or Google Docs or third-party platforms. Skillaz is a living organism now, full of features and capabilities, which enabled us to move away from a number of obsolete tools and transfer the entire recruitment process online, making it as convenient and clear as possible for the courier. I am very proud of this project. It started as a project document, but now everything runs like clockwork.
  • Anna Nefedova
    Project Manager at Skillaz
    We had an ambitious task that we completed successfully: help X5 Digital save time from response to onboarding, eliminate or minimize manual work, and build the whole process in to go in a single window. It was also important for users to be able to work seamlessly with other systems: e.g., make calls directly from Skillaz.
About X5 Delivery

The X5 Delivery team creates and develops services for express delivery. The company produced its digital product ecosystem, launched unified dark stores, and is building its delivery services through courier partnerships.

Today, X5 Delivery has more than 20 million delivered orders, more than 2,500 couriers, and a service already present in 60 Russian cities.

The objective is to become the e-grocery market leader, forging an indisputable association with online food delivery.

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